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Plant Sale
Redbud 2018 Native Plant Sale
Native Plants to Heal the Land
Saturday    October 13th, 2018    North Star House
12075 Auburn Road, Grass Valley
10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. general public
(9:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Member Appreciation Sale
Come early and become a Redbud member!)
This year, the Redbud plant sale will feature California Native Plants to Heal the Land.
How Native Plants Heal the Land
Native plants are not only beautiful and resilient, they are essential to the health of our ecosystems, plant communities, and soils. They purify water, enhance the ability of soil to hold water, and restore aquifers; reduce and prevent run-off and erosion; sustain native wildlife; and enrich our soils through complex interactions with mycorrhizae and other micro-organisms.
In addition, native plants are adapted to local conditions, so theyrequire less water, little or no fertilizer, and few or no pesticides and herbicides compared to non-native landscape plants.
How the Land Needs Healing
In 2017, after four years of drought followed by one very wet winter, fires ravaged much of California. In Nevada County, the Pleasant, Lobo, and McCourtney fires together burned almost 1300 acres in September and October, destroying dozens of structures. The sterilized, lifeless, and water-repellant soils and charred vegetation that result from high-intensity fires need many years to recover. Fortunately, native plants can speed this process dramatically.
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Beyond the fires, too much of the land in our counties has had decades of neglect and abuse that have led to dense overstocking of conifers and shrubs, weakening these plants and leaving them vulnerable to pests, diseases and drought. Soils have been depleted and contaminated, ecosystems disrupted, and habitats degraded or destroyed. Such conditions have often lead to encroachment by invasive non-native plants that crowd out the native vegetation. They also have greatly increased the danger of fire.
The loss natural diversity and habitat destruction have deprived pollinators, birds, and other wildlife of food and shelter.
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Our Plant Sale Will Feature Natives that Heal the Land
The 2018 sale will feature approximately 200 species of trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses, and many hard-to-find species that are either locally native or locally adapted species that are native to other parts of California. Check out the amazing variety of plants we offered in 2017. We will post the list of 2018 plants before the sale.
The wide range of native plant species offered at our sale can help heal the land in a variety of ways. For instance, we will feature deep-rooted native grasses, some with roots that go up to 15 to 20 feet deep. These grasses add nutrients, enrich the soil by attracting beneficial microorganisms, and purify and transfer water deep underground. They also sequester carbon, which improves the capacity of the soil to hold water (thus enabling plants to better survive drought).
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Other native plants, including ceanothus (native California lilacs) and legumes such as lupines, enrich the soil and heal the land by fixing nitrogen. Still others provide strong roots and a cover of vegetation that prevent loss of topsoil and reduce soil temperatures.
At the plant sale, you’ll also find many of the natives on our lists of drought- and fire-resistant plants.

When fall and winter rains arrive, native plants reawaken, establish strong roots, and flourish. It’s a perfect time to plant!

plant sale photo 1We hope you’ll find just what you’re looking for at the Redbud Native Plant Sale on October 13th.
Have more Fun – Volunteer!
Have fun, meet great folks, and volunteer for Redbud’s 2018 Native Plant Sale! Our sale is possible only with the help of many dedicated volunteers who love native plants. Whether you have time for just one shift tallying plants or monitoring parking, want to help take care of plants, or want to serve on the planning committee, we appreciate your help!

You don’t have to be a member or have special knowledge to be a volunteer. To show our appreciation, volunteers who sign up in advance and work at least one 2½ hour shift receive a free one gallon plant.
Location: North Star House, 12075 Auburn Road, Grass Valley - in Parking Lot, Next to Farmer’s Market - Follow signs to Farmer’s Market. Directions: from Nevada City and from Auburn.
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