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Spring 2008 Newsletter
Volume 17, No. 2   March 2008

Upcoming Chapter Meetings
Gardening with Native Penstemons
NEW Group Formed
Spring Wildflower Show & Native Plant Sale
Bay Area Developers Propose Massive Project on Donner Summit
Earth Week: Vernal Pool Tour
Chapter Field Trips: Spring and Summer 2008
Books Available
2007–08 Board of Directors
Scotch Broom Challenge
Arbor Day Plant Giveaway
Irrigation Installation for BriarPatch Native Plant Garden
Two-Year Opportunities—Board of Directors
Calendar of Upcoming Events

Upcoming Chapter Meetings

Propagating Native Plants from Cuttings

by Brad Carter

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 • 7:15 pm*
The Rose Room • Auburn Civic Center

$5 fee for materials, payable at meeting.

Please bring a sharp pair of pruning shears. If your shears are dull, bring them and a flat file and Brad will sharpen them. Also, bring a small box to take your cuttings home.

Come and play in the dirt with Brad Carter during this hands-on workshop. Brad will begin by offering quick tips on how to do stem cuttings and then you can plunge right in. You will be given cuttings from a variety of native plants including California anemone, Cleveland sage, creeping sage, and monkeyflowers. Brad and a small group of helpers will circulate around the room to answer questions and assist with your planting.

Brad has an extensive background in horticulture. He worked in several botanical gardens during the 80s and 90s where he grew plants from seeds and cuttings and sold them to the public at plant sale events. Now that he’s “retired,” he propagates native plants for his large hillside garden in Grass Valley, admired by plant lovers from all around the area. He has nearly completed his well-researched book: Wild Lilies of Western North America, which covers the species of the Calochortus, Erythronium, Fritillaria, and Lilium genera that grow in the region.

*         Note earlier starting time of 7:15 pm because we need to leave the Civic Center by 9:00 pm.

Directions: The Rose Room is located at 1225 Lincoln Way. From Hwy 49 in Auburn, just after 49 passes under I-80 there is a T intersection. Continue straight ahead at the intersection to the Auburn Civic Center. The building looks like an old school. Go to the large parking lot behind the building and look for the Rose Room sign.

Save Donner Summit

Peter Van Zant and Panelists

Wednesday, July 23, 2008 • 7:30 pm
Nevada County Library Community Room

Donner Summit, rich in history, beauty, and natural resources, is threatened by major develop­ment, but there is a growing alliance of citizens and environmental groups determined to save this treasured landscape.

Peter Van Zant, field director of Sierra ­Heritage, will lead a panel of speakers to review the sprawling resort development proposed by the Royal Gorge LLC. Through a slide show and discussion, panelists will illustrate who and what are at risk, showing how the development would affect the Yuba River, American River, and Truckee River watersheds, including impacts on rare plants, wildlife habitat, trees, soil, wetlands, and meadows, as well as the homeowners who live around Serene Lakes.

Peter will be joined on the panel by Jason Rainey, Executive Director of SYRCL, Bill Oudegeest, President of the Serene Lakes Property Owners Association, and possibly others. Their goal is to inform the public about the consequences of the proposed development and to help people learn how they can use their energy and knowledge to Save Donner Summit.

Peter Van Zant will lead a field trip to the site of the proposed Royal Gorge resort development on Saturday, July 19. See page 7for details.

Directions: The library is located at 980 Helling Way, Nevada City. At the intersection of Hwy 49 and 20 in Nevada City, turn west toward Downieville on Hwy 49. At 0.5 mile, turn right at the Nevada County Government Center and follow signs to the library.

Spring Native Plant Sale and Wildflower Show

Saturday, May 3, 2008
9:30 am to 1:30 pm
Sierra College, Rocklin Campus

The plant sale is coming soon!
Volunteers are needed! Join the fun!

Contact Frances Jorgensen
at 530-265-4838 or

Our two annual plant sales are our primary fund-raisers.
They are a great opportunity to meet the public and get to
know new and long-time members of the Redbud Chapter.

Gardening with Native Penstemons

by Barbara Roemiller

From glistening, aromatic Carpenteria to Mountain Dogwood with its interesting structure, several native beauties have received special attention at our last few plant sales. Penstemons, many flowered perennials with “faces” of two lips and long tubular blossoms, will be featured at Redbud’s May 3rd plant sale. Given sun, dry gravelly soil, and good air circulation, most penstemons reward gardeners with a dazzling show. Penstemons require little care: remove their spent flowers (or leave only a few seedpods for propagation), and combine them with other xeric plants that need little fertilizer and no summer water after they are established. Butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees are drawn to penstemon colors ranging from deep blues, violets, and lavenders to sizzling reds, bright pinks, and occasional yellows and oranges.

In Redbud’s lovely new book, Wildflowers of Nevada and Placer Counties, California, Julie Carville describes nine local penstemons, and the book lists least ten others found in our region. Both Penstemon azureus (Azure Penstemon) and P. heterophyllus var. purdyi (Foothill Penstemon), form bright yellow buds that belie blossoms shading from blue to shimmering iridescent violet. Both Azure and Foothill Penstemons will be for sale along with several southern residents.

Penstemon ‘Margarita BOP’, a hybrid of our local native penstemons, P. heterophyllus and P. laetus, will be available. Not a retro dance, it’s an easy-to-grow, low, showy plant from Las Pilitas Nursery that persisted for years at the bottom of the owners’ porch steps, hence its name. The BOP seedling popped up unannounced, with such attractive opalescent lavender blue blossoms that it has been embraced by the nursery trade.

Taller Penstemon spectabilis lives up to its regal names, either Showy or Royal Penstemon. Given a featured spot in the back of a dry border with sun and excellent drainage, this blue-violet southern native will reach three to four feet and provide masses of cut flowers.

If it’s lightly scented, pink flowers with delicate mauve tracings you envision, you might try Grinnell’s Beardtongue, P. grinellii, which will grow even in clay as long as it has excellent drainage. Get out your hand lens to find the hairy staminoide on this flower—as Julie says, it looks like a little toothbrush.

In addition to many perennial penstemons, we’ll have several keckiellas, shrubs which are closely related to penstemons. Cultural information for many species will be available at the sale so you can make appropriate selections for your soil, rainfall, and exposure. Whether you’re a native pro looking for a challenge or an avid novice who wants to grow an easy plant, you’ll find both among the penstemons and their cousin keckiellas at the Spring Plant Sale.

NEW Group Formed

CEANOTHUS - See I Know This!

California Field Botanists Association “educating each other.” Ceanothus is a new botany association focusing on creating a supportive environment to learn botany identification skills from one another. We focus on educating practicing botanists who work for public and private sectors as well as educating people who like to identify plants for fun. We desire to sharpen our botany skills and interact with each other to exchange our knowledge of plants and plant communities. We are holding weekly meetings in the Sierra foothills/Sacramento area to key out plants using the Jepson Manual and other plant identification resources. If you are interested, please see our Web site

Spring Wildflower Show & Native Plant Sale

Sierra College, Rocklin Campus
Saturday, May 3, 2008
9:30 am to 1:30 pm


  •     Wildflower show—spectacular native plants in bloom
  •     California native trees, shrubs, perennials, grasses, and seeds
  •     Free information on various native plant gardening topics
  •     Books, posters, note cards, and prints of native plants
  •     Redbud Chapter CNPS t-shirts
  •    Join CNPS and receive a free plant!

New book!

9:00 am


of Placer and Nevada Counties, California


Talk: Where To See ’em and How To Grow ’em

Karen Callahan and Nancy Gilbert

or, what to do while you’re waiting
for the sale to open

Featured this spring
An abundant assortment of
California native


11:00 am

Wildflower Walk
Shawna Martinez
Botany Instructor

For more information:

Francesat 530-265-4838

Barbaraat 530-265-6784

online at

To get there: Take the Rocklin Road exit off I-80 to the west entrance of Sierra College. Go to parking lot S (on left) and building S. Follow the signs.

Plan Ahead: Fall Native Plant Sale • Saturday, October 4, 2008 • Sierra College Campus, Grass Valley • 9:30 am to 1:30 pm

Sponsored by the
Sierra College Natural History Museum
and by and a benefit for the
Redbud Chapter,
California Native Plant Society
Nevada & Placer Counties

Bay Area Developers Propose Massive Project
on Donner Summit

For over 10,000 years the iconic landscape of the Donner Summit has been a gateway to California. It is an area of incomparable beauty and abundant nature resources. Donner Summit sits at the headwaters of three major watersheds, the American, Yuba, and Truckee. It is also an area with four ski resorts, extensive trails, and an established community with one nestled around Serene Lakes.

In October 2005, a partnership of Todd Foster (Foster Enterprises) and Kirk Syme (Woodstock Development) purchased the nearly 3,000-acre Royal Gorge property and proposed a sprawling resort development affecting some 8,700 acres.

The proposal is based on three subdivisions with 950 new housing units, a downhill ski resort, 2–3 new lakes in the North American River headwaters, pumping Serene Lakes for water, dumping waste water into the South Yuba River, miles of new roads, and more.

This development would destroy Donner Summit’s unique sense of place and assault the very rugged beauty that characterizes one the Sierra’s most treasured jewels. Fortunately neighborhood and conservation groups have come together to “Save Donner Summit” and work for a true conservation blue print for the Summit.

For more information:

Peter Van Zant, Field Director Sierra Watch
408 Broad Street, Suite 12
Nevada City, California 95959
530-265-2849 •

Earth Week: Vernal Pool Tour

April 24, 12:30–3:00 pm • RAIN or SHINE
Preregistration Required, No Later Than April 18
Guest Tour Guides: Dr. Tom Griggs (CSU, Chico) and Mr. Patrick Stone (Jones & Stokes, Inc.)

Join us to learn about this unique natural resource we have at Beale AFB.

Tour group will meet at the Main Gate DUI parking lot at 12:30 pm and will ride buses to the vernal pool area. Wear old clothing and shoes as it may be muddy. The bus will return to the gate by 3:00 pm.

POC: James Lang, Environmental Scientist
530-634-9568 •
Sponsor: 9 CES Environmental Flight
Natural Resources Office, Beale AFB CA

Chapter Field Trips:
Spring and Summer 2008

All field trips are open to the public and free of charge. Bring water, lunch/snack, hand lens, and sun protection or rain gear, as needed. Children are warmly welcomed! No pets are allowed on any of our field trips. We suggest ride sharing, as parking space at most trailheads is limited. (CNPS insurance rules prevent us from assigning car pools.)

Unless stated otherwise, our trips are easy, as we travel very slowly and stop to view, identify, talk about, and enjoy each plant species. Most trips are led by a botanist, with one or more other botanists assisting.

For more info: Roger McGehee, Field Trips Chair, at 530-265-4173 or

If rain is predicted, after 7:00 am (on the day of the trip) a message will be available on Roger’s answering machine stating whether or not the field trip will take place.

Note: The Rood Center meeting place is in front of the main building (not at the library).

Wildflowers of Nevada and Placer Counties, California

Our newly published book will be available for purchase at the meeting place before each field trip. Retail price is $29.95 plus tax; Redbud Chapter members (including brand new ones) are entitled to a 15% discount. We can accept cash and checks. This book will be very helpful on all of our field trips!

Codfish Falls Trail

Thursday, April 10, 8:45 am to 2:30 pm; back to Rood Center by 3:30 pm. Those needing to return earlier can do so, since trail is easy to follow out. [correction from printed newsletters]
Easy 2.4-mile walk • Bring lunch and water
Meet at the Rood Center or at the trailhead*
Rain will cancel this trip.

Leader: Julie Carville

The Codfish Falls Trail, near Weimar, parallels the scenic North Fork of the American River for almost a mile before it turns to follow Codfish Creek upstream to Codfish Falls. The 1.2 mile walk from the trailhead to the waterfall is rocky and narrow in places, but is generally an easy, level walk. The flowery hillsides along the trail bloom in spring with Tufted Poppies, Indian Pink, Spider Lupine, Kellogg’s Monkeyflower, Canyon Dudleya, and Evening Snow. The drive down Ponderosa Way is thrilling in a good year when hillsides of wildflowers bloom in profusion. The road turns to dirt about half way down and becomes steep with hairpin turns in some places, 4-wheel drive recommended [correction from printed newsletters]. Julie Carville will talk about Nisenan plant uses and we’ll spend time looking through hand lenses to experience the beautiful details of wildflowers. Join us for this wildflower extravaganza!

*         Directions to the trailhead (meet at 9:45 am): Take the Weimar Cross Road exit (#131) off Interstate 80 to the south side of the freeway. Drive past the Park & Ride lot where Canyon Way becomes Ponderosa Way. Follow Ponderosa Way down into the canyon to the Ponderosa Bridge, where there is parking.

*         Directions to the trailhead (meet at 9:45 am): Take the Weimar Cross Road exit (#131) off Interstate 80 to the south side of the freeway. Drive past the Park & Ride lot where Canyon Way becomes Ponderosa Way. Follow Ponderosa Way down into the canyon to the Ponderosa Bridge, where there is parking.

   You can also meet us at the Park & Ride lot around 9:15 amif you don’t have 4-wheel drive, and we can then carpool down into the canyon to the trailhead. We’ll be back to our cars at the trailhead by 2:30 pm.

Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls Regional Park

Saturday, April 12, 9:00 am to 1:30 pm
Easy to moderate 2.8-mile walk
Meet at the Rood Center or at the trailhead*
Bring lunch and lots of water
Rain will cancel this trip.

Leaders: Julie Carville and Chet Blackburn

Hidden Falls Regional Park, near Auburn, opened to the public in the fall of 2006 and covers 221 acres. It was purchased under the Placer Legacy Open Space Program and has been called the “Crown Jewel” of the program. It has 7 miles of hiking trails and is an area of prime Lower Foothill habitats of Gray Pine, Blue Oak woodland, and chaparral with grassy wildflower meadows. Two creeks flow through the park; we’ll be walking along one of them, Deadman Creek, 1.4 miles to Hidden Falls. Along the way, we should see buttercups, lupines, and poppies. We’ll also see Blue Dicks, Grass Nuts, White Brodiaea, and other lilies that were once gathered here by the Nisenan. We’ll discuss native plant uses on the hike. Along the creek, we should see the Seepspring Monkeyflower and Western Buttercup as we make our way to the falls. Join us for a fun day!

Call the park at 530-889-6807 for more info.

*         Directions to the trailhead (meet at 9:30 am): Take Atwood Road west from Highway 49 in Auburn until it becomes Mt. Vernon Road. Follow Mt. Vernon Road to Mears Road. Turn right on Mears Road, which is about 3.5 miles from Highway 49. Continue to Mears Place and the park entrance. We’ll be back to our cars at the trailhead by 1:00 pm.

Hell’s Half Acre

Saturday, April 26, 9:00 am to 12:00 noon
Easy, mostly level 1-mile walk
Meet at Safeway parking lot, downtown
            Grass Valley (105 Neal Street at So. Auburn)
Bring sun protection, water, and snacks
Rain will cancel this trip.

Note: This trip was originally scheduled to go to Osceola Ridge/Deadman’s Flat.

Leader: Karen Callahan

Join us for a tour of Hell’s Half Acre, a special bit of botanical heaven where acres of brilliant wildflowers bloom in spring. Hell’s Half Acre is a distinctive open, rocky habitat formed by an ancient volcanic mudflow. Over a hundred plant species grow in this habitat, including vernal pool and rare species.

Drum Powerhouse Road

Wednesday, May 21, 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Meet at the Rood Center or at Monte Vista Inn*
Rain will cancel this trip.

Leaders: Karen Callahan and Roger McGehee

Overlooking the forested Bear River canyon, the Drum Powerhouse Road is exceptional for its plant diversity. Along the road are numerous seeps, rock gardens, and large serpentine outcrops to explore. The paved 6-mile-long road ends at the Powerhouse and usually has little traffic. We will park at one of the turnouts and walk on the mostly level road to view the plants along the steep roadcuts.

*         Directions (meet at 1:30 pm): The Monte Vista Inn is just north of I-80 on the Monte Vista–Dutch Flat exit from I-80. We should be back to our cars at the Inn
by 5:30 pm.

Loney Meadow

Sunday, June 22, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm
Meet at the Rood Center
            or at the Sierra Discovery Trail parking area*
Bring lunch and lots of water
Rain will cancel this trip.

Leader: Roger McGehee

Loney Meadow is known for its brilliant wildflower displays and grand vistas. I expect that this trip will be no exception! Although the dirt road leading to Loney Meadow is rough and steep in places, a 2-wheel drive auto can make it. Be prepared for mosquitoes and intense sunlight, as well as the possibility of sudden rain or hail storms.

*         Directions to parking area (meet at 9:00 am): Bowman Lake Road is 23 miles east of Nevada City on Highway 20. Turn left onto Bowman Lake Road (USFS road #18). Go a short distance on the paved road to the well-marked parking area on the left. We’ll be back to our cars at the parking area by 3:00 pm.

Sagehen Creek

near Stampede Reservoir

Saturday, June 28, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Meet at the Rood Center or at the trailhead*
Mostly level, 2-mile trail
Bring lunch and lots of water
Rain will cancel this trip.

Leaders: Julie Carville and Roger McGehee

The Sagehen Trail has a wonderful array of wildflowers representing a transition zone between the rich floras of the Sierra Nevada and the Great Basin. This mostly level 2-mile trail will provide your minds and eyes with a botanical feast! Be prepared for mosquitoes and intense sunlight, as well as the possibility of sudden rain or hail storms.

*         Directions to the trailhead (meet at 10:00 am): Take the Highway 89 North Exit off Interstate 80 in Truckee. Drive approximately 7.4 miles north on Highway 89, until you arrive at the unmarked cement sided “bridge” over Sagehen Creek. Turn right, immediately after the bridge, and drive down into the dirt parking area. The trail leaves from the parking lot and heads east along Sagehen Creek. Latecomers can catch us on the trail. We’ll be back to our cars by 3:00 pm at the latest. Those who need to leave earlier can do so, as the trail is easy to follow out.

Mt. Judah

Saturday, July 12, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Meet at the Rood Center or at the trailhead*
Most strenuous field trip of the year
Several miles with lots of altitude change
Bring lunch and lots of water
Rain will cancel this trip.

Leader: Roger McGehee

The trail zigzags steeply up before leveling off at a wildflower-filled meadow. Then it wanders uphill to a saddle with a grand view of Donner Lake and the Tahoe Basin before again zigzagging steeply up to a subalpine plateau. Even when the flowers are not blooming this is a beautiful hike. But during wildflower season it becomes a botanist’s paradise!

*         Directions to the trailhead (meet at 9:30 am): Heading east on I-80, take the Soda Springs exit. Go about 4 miles along old Hwy 40 past Sugar Bowl and past the Mt. Judah parking area to the large building on the corner. Take the road to the right, by the building,  and drive to where the road makes a sharp right turn (approx. 0.1 mile). Park along the road, away from “No Parking” signs and people’s driveways. The trailhead is by the Pacific Crest Trail sign in a dirt-blocked turnout where the road makes the sharp right turn. We’ll be back to our cars by 4:00 pm.

Donner Summit

Royal Gorge Development

Joint field trip with the Sierra Club, the Audubon Society, and Sierra Watch

Saturday, July 19, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Meet at the Rood Center or at the corner
            of Soda Springs and Pahatsi Roads*
Bring lunch and water
Rain will cancel this trip.

The purpose of this field trip is an in-person experience of the environment of the proposed Royal Gorge LLC development. Peter Van Zant from Sierra Watch will give us an on-site overview of how the communities in the area and the environment would be affected by this devastating proposal. We’ll also have fun looking at wildflowers and birds and learning about them from experts who will be on the trip. Come join us for a day of information and fun!

Peter Van Zant will lead a panel of speakers in an evening presentation on July 23. See page 1for details. For more information, contact Julie Carville at

*         Directions to corner of Soda Springs and Pahatsi Roads (meet at 10:00 am): Take the Van Norden exit off Interstate 80 onto old Hwy 40. Continue on Hwy 40 to Soda Springs Road , then drive south on Soda Springs Road to Pahatsi Road. We’ll meet at the corner of these two roads and carpool from there. We’ll be back to our cars by 2:00 pm.

Sierra Nevada Lecture Series

Presented by the Sierra College Natural History Museum, the Sierra College Center for Sierra Nevada Studies

Free Lectures • Open to the Public • Thursday nights, 6–9 pm (Doors open at 5:30 pm) • January 17 to May 8, 2008

Sierra College, Rocklin Campus • Room LRC 107, Learning Resources/Library Building

For detailed information:

April 10: The Life and Mysterious Disappearance of Ranger Randy Morgenson • Eric Blehm, author of The Last Season

April 17: The Life and Legacy of John Muir • Jim Canaday ••• April 24: The High Sierra of California • Tom Killion

May 1: The Present and Future of the Sierra Nevada ••• May 8: New Adventures on the John Muir Trail

Books Available

From Redbud Chapter:
at meetings, field trips, and events

15% discount for Redbud Chapter members
at chapter activities


Click on link for “”

Locally at:

book stores • nature stores

nurseries • park visitor centers

A list of stores selling our book is available
on our Web site.

• • •

Published 2007
by Redbud Chapter and CNPS Press
480 pp. 5.5"x 8"
checklist, references, glossary, extensive index
ISBN 978-0-943460-48-2 • Softcover $29.95

2007–08 Board of Directors

Redbud Chapter • California Native Plant Society


President Frances Jorgensen (530) 265-4838
Vice President Wayne Schwartzkopf n/a (530) 271-0930
Treasurer Alicia Funk (530) 478-9798
Secretary Sandy Kewman (530) 272-3736

Newsletter Editor

Interim Editor


Roger McGehee


(530) 265-4173

Standing Committee Chairs & Positions

Membership Co-Chairs

Joan Jernegan

Open (916) 874-5619 (W)
Program Chair Open    
Field Trips Chair Roger McGehee see above see above
Events Co-Chairs      
Fall Plant Sale Chair Cyndi Brinkhurst  (530) 274-1924
Spring Plant Sale Chair Frances Jorgensen see above see above
Publicity Co-Chairs

Don Harkin

Barbara Roemer

(530) 265-4048

(530) 265-6784

Education Co-Chairs Nancy & Ames Gilbert (530) 272-4775
Conservation Chair Eric Jorgensen (530) 265-4838
Plant Science Co-Chairs      
Rare Plant Specialist. Karen Callahan (530) 272-5532
Invasive Plant Specialist Dan Lubin (530) 272-0298
Horticulture Co-Chairs

Brad Carter



(530) 271-5790


Restoration Chair Open    
Land-Based Projects Brad Carter see above see above
Publications Chair Julie Carville (530) 265-4741
Wildflower Seed Sales H. Martin Pancoast   (530) 878-7412
Communications Committee      
Production Cindy Rubin (530) 273-1816
Mailing Open    
Web Peasant Bill Wilson (530) 265-8040
Chapter Council Delegate Frances Jorgensen see above see above
Hospitality Chair Cyndi Brinkhurst see above see above
Wildflower Book Project      
Editorial Committee Chair Chet Blackburn (530) 885-0201
Marketing Committee Chair Julie Becker (530) 265-8197
Past President Roger McGehee see above see above

Scotch Broom Challenge

The Fire Safe Council of Nevada County (FSCNC) and Nevada County Conservation Resource District (NCRCD) have joined forces with other groups such as the Redbud Chapter of CNPS to educate our community about the dangers of Scotch Broom. It is an aggressive and rapidly spreading non-native plant that forms dense, impenetrable stands, creating extreme fire hazards while crowding out our native plants. A series of three workdays at a total of four locations have been planned to begin removing this exotic invasive from our county.

The first workday was on March 15th on Champion Mine Road along the NID ditch. Ten people showed up on that cold, rainy day. They say that time flies when you’re having fun and that is exactly what happened. The rousing conversations continued through the entire morning. In no time at all, it was time to spread the tarp and enjoy sandwiches with all the trimmings in the sunshine with our new friends. The second workday was on March 29th.

The final workday is planned for April 5th on the San Juan Ridge. Everyone is encouraged to join this work party. There is work for everyone at all levels of ability. In the fall, there will be follow-up work to replant the spaces left open by the removal.

For more information or to volunteer contact Joanne Drummand at 272-1122 or Hilary Drucker at 272-3417 ext. 104 •

Arbor Day Plant Giveaway

by NCRCD and PG&E

April 25, 10:00 am until plants run out
113 Presley Way, Suite One • Grass Valley

Giant Sequoia, Redbud, and Azure Penstemon are the species that are being given away.

Newsletter Input: Please send any items or notices that you would like included in future newsletters to Roger McGehee at Submitted items may be edited.Deadline for submissions for the Fall newsletter is Tuesday, July15th.

Volunteer Opportunities

Learn to understand California’s unique flora and help to preserve this rich heritage for future generations. Volunteer your time and talents!

Half-Day Opportunities

Irrigation Installation for BriarPatch Native Plant Garden

Sunday April 6, 9 am–Noon • Tuesday April 8, 9–11 am

Rain (too muddy) date: April 13 & 15, same times

No experience necessary. We need many helpers to roll out the tubing, to hold and cut items etc. It is easy to do! Please wear work clothes and bring drinking water, hat, kneepads, gloves, and tools to help setup irrigation (like cutters, pliers, drip line hole punch, buckets, etc.), if you have them.

            RSVP to Cyndi, 530-274-1924  

Spring Native Plant Sale and Wildflower Show

Saturday, May 3 • Setup 7:30 amSale 9:30 am–1:30 pm • Take down ’til about 2:30 pm

            Frances Jorgensen             530-265-4838  
            Barbara Roemer                 530-265-6784  

Two-Year Opportunities—Board of Directors

Program Chair  Develop and maintain a list of speakers. Recommend annual programs to the Board. Contact and schedule speakers. Reserve meeting rooms. Provide written descriptions of programs to Newsletter Editor and Publicity Chair for use in the chapter newsletter, on the web page, and for advertising to the public. Monitor program schedules of other organizations for programs of interest to our members.

            Julie Becker                         530-265-8197  
            Frances Jorgensen            530-265-4838  

Horticulture Committee Co-Chair

Have a background in horticulture and be passionate about native plants, especially using them in landscapes. Along with co-chair, be a resource to members and the community about issues pertaining to native plant horticulture. Acquisition of plants for the plant sales; maintain list of and book nursery vendors for plant sales.

            Frances Jorgensen           530-265-4838  

Newsletter Editor

Contact the committee chairs to gather articles, receive articles from other members, decide which articles to include. See to it that the newsletters—three per year—get printed and mailed.

            Roger McGehee              530-265-4173  

Membership Committee Members

Friendly and outgoing members, who enjoy attending Redbud programs and field trips, are needed to assist onthe Membership committee. Duties include providing CNPS membership applications and literature to potential new members at the Redbud programs and field trips.

            Joan Jernegan  

Calendar of Upcoming Events

April 6 9:00 am Irrigation Installation for BriarPatch Native Plant Garden pg 9
April 8 9:00 am Irrigation Installation Completion for BriarPatch Native Plant Garden pg 9
April 10 8:45 am Redbud Chapter Field Trip—Codfish Falls Trail pg 5
April 12 9:00 am Redbud Chapter Field Trip—Hidden Falls Regional Park pg 5
April 23 7:00 pm Redbud Chapter Board Meeting
Nevada Co. Library Community Room
April 24 12:30 pm Beale Air Force Base—Vernal Pool Tour
(preregistration required by April 18)
pg 4
April 26 9:00 am Redbud Chapter Field Trip—Hell’s Half Acre pg 6
May 3 9:30 am Spring Native Plant Sale and Wildflower Show
Sierra College, Rocklin Campus
pg 3
May 21 1:00 pm Redbud Chapter Field Trip—Drum Powerhouse Road pg 6
May 28 7:15pm Redbud Chapter Meeting: Propagating Native Plants from Cuttings
Rose Room, Auburn Community Center
pg 1
June 22 8:30 am Redbud Chapter Field Trip—Loney Meadow pg 6
June 25 7:00 pm Redbud Chapter Board Meeting
Nevada Co. Library Community Room
June 28 8:30 am Redbud Chapter Field Trip—Sagehen Creek pg 6
July 12 8:30 am Redbud Chapter Field Trip—Mt. Judah pg 7
July 19 9:00 am Redbud Chapter, Sierra Club, Audubon Society, and Sierra Watch Joint Field Trip: Donner Summit/Royal Gorge Development pg 7, 4
July 23 7:30 pm Redbud Chapter Meeting: Save Donner Summit
Nevada Co. Library Community Room
pg 1
August 27 7:00 pm Redbud Chapter Board Meeting
Nevada Co. Library Community Room
October 4 9:30 am Fall Native Plant Sale
Sierra College, Grass Valley Campus

Last updated
April 6, 2008