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The Redbud Chapter of CNPS

Second Edition of Wildflowers of Nevada
and Placer Counties
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The Redbud Chapter of the California Native Plant Society welcomes all native-plant lovers in Nevada and Placer counties. We are dedicated to exploring, educating, researching, and writing about the diversity and beauty of our native flora.  We:

  • Lead field trips to stunning foothill and mountain wildflower displays.
  • Offer 100s of locally adapted, hand-picked native plants at our fall sale.
  • Advocate for native flora and organize conservation projects.
  • Meet up to propagate plants and learn ethnobotany first-hand.
  • Publish two books on over 700 local wildflowers, trees and shrubs.

Together, we explore and restore nature, and find new friends!


Announcing Upcoming Redbud Chapter Events!

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For field trips, see Upcoming Redbud Field Trips.

The Redbud Chapter “Passionate about (Native) Plants”
August, 2017 Lecture:
Mycorrhizal Fungi and How They Feed the Forest

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Guest Speaker:   Thea Chesney
When: Wednesday, August 23rd
7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

Where: Madelyn Helling Library
980 Helling Way, Nevada City

Thea will explain the basics of mycorrhizal fungal-plant relationships, their diversity, and their critical roles in our forest ecosystems.

Mycorrhizal fungi entwine themselves around the fine root tips of plants. They exchange water and mineral nutrients, which they are extremely adept at gathering, for sugars produced by the photosynthetic plant. Not only are mycorrhizal partnerships nearly ubiquitous among plants and key to the plants’ survival, they are fascinating and complex in their own right. We are still learning about the many types of these mutualistic symbioses, the sophisticated chemical signaling and other mechanisms involved, and just how they affect the behavior of both plant and fungal partners.

Thea Chesney is a lifelong Placer County resident and naturalist. Since early childhood, she has had an interest in mushrooms, plants, and the rest of the natural world. She holds a B.S. in forestry from UC Berkeley, with an emphasis on botany and natural sciences. Her classes in forest pathology and mushroom identification led to a passion for taxonomy and a love of teaching. As a student, she worked in the Bruns mycology lab, and has since returned there to assist in teaching the mushroom identification course that helped set her on her current path.

Thea worked on a mushroom survey crew for the U.S. Forest Service around Mt. Shasta for several seasons, becoming intimately familiar with the fungal inhabitants and ecology of the area. Since then, she has continued as a seasonal botanist with the Forest Service on a long-term statewide meadow monitoring project. Though she now spends her summer days identifying sedges and other wetland plants, she still looks for mushrooms at every opportunity. She has a special interest in fungi of the Sierra Nevada and other California mountains and is currently working on a field guide to mushrooms of these understudied regions. In the winter, she travels to California mushroom events and teaches occasional local mushroom classes.

October, 2017 Lecture:

Tending the Wild
          Guest speaker: Dr. M. Kat Anderson
          Wednesday, October 25, 2017, 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.
          Sierra Foothills Unitarian Universalists, 190 Finley St, Auburn

Books by Redbud Chapter – CNPS

Wildflowers, 2d Ed.New!

Wildflowers of Nevada and Placer Counties, California 2nd Edition (2017)    $29.95

(Member discount if purchased directly from Redbud Chapter)

See article “Book on Placer and Nevada County Wildflowers Gets Update,” Auburn Journal, May 30, 2017.





Get more information about Wildflowers or Trees and Shrubs,
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local booksellers selling Wildflowers.


Trees and Shrubs


Trees and Shrubs of Nevada and Placer Counties, California (2014)   $34.95

(Member discount if purchased directly from Redbud Chapter)

Wildflowers of Nevada and Placer Counties:  $25.50
Trees and Shrubs of Nevada and Placer Counties: $29.75

To purchase at the Member price, contact:

Julie Becker 530-265-8197, jbecker@infostations .com
Chet Blackburn 530-885-0201, or
Jeanne Wilson 530-570-8009,

Tahoe's Spectacular Wildflower Trails

        (Julie Carville, Karen Weise, Alicia Funk, and Carolyn Singer)