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The Redbud Chapter of CNPS

The Redbud Chapter of the California Native Plant Society welcomes all native-plant lovers in Nevada and Placer counties. We are dedicated to exploring, educating, researching, and writing about the diversity and beauty of our native flora. We:
  • Lead field trips to stunning foothill and mountain wildflower displays.
  • Offer 100s of locally adapted, hand-picked native plants at our fall sale.
  • Advocate for native flora and organize conservation projects.
  • Meet up to propagate plants and learn ethnobotany first-hand.
  • Publish two books on over 700 local wildflowers, trees and shrubs.
Together, we explore and restore nature, and find new friends!

Announcing Upcoming Redbud Chapter Events!

The Redbud Chapter
"Passionate about (Native) Plants”
Lecture Series
Time for all events is 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Socializing begins at 6:30 p.m. (non-members welcome)

  • February 26, Wed. “Fire and Fungi in the Western Mountains,” Thea Chesney, Auburn Library.
  • April 29, Wed. “The Role of Herbaria in Preserving California’s Unique Botanical Heritage,” Hannah Kang, Madelyn Helling Library, Nevada City
  • June 24, Wed. Auburn Library, Auburn
  • August 26, Wed. Madelyn Helling Library, Nevada City
  • September 23, Wed. Madelyn Helling Library, Nevada City
  • Oct 28, Wed. Auburn Library, Auburn

Field Trips:

**All hikes are rain or shine. Some may require pre-registration. Dates and Locations may change.**
  • Feb 1 - Fungi Diversity - Yuba Rim Trail, Dobbins, CA
  • Feb 15 - Ferns - Independence Trail, Nevada City, CA
  • Feb 22 - Galls - Kenny Ranch Trail, Grass Valley, CA
  • Feb 29 - Spring Fungi - Hidden Falls Regional Park, Auburn, CA
  • Mar 7 - Native Trees and Shrubs - McCourtney Road, Grass Valley, CA
  • Mar 14 - Native Trees and Shrubs - Yewei'im Bom Trail, Nevada City, CA
  • Mar 21 - Wildflowers - American State Recreation Area or nearby, Auburn, CA
  • Mar 28 - Native Trees and Shrubs - Cascade Canal Trail, Nevada City, CA
  • Apr 4 - Wildflowers - Steven's Trail, Colfax, CA
  • Apr 11 - Wildflowers - Euchre Bar, Alta, CA
  • Apr 18 - Geophytes - Spenceville Wildlife Area, Penn Valley, CA
  • May 2 - Wildflowers - Table Mountain, Oroville, CA
  • May 9 - Rare Plant Hunt - Cascade Canal Trail, Nevada City, CA


Shane Hanofee is a passionate amateur botanist and mycologist devoted to learning about and caring for the plants and fungi of California and more specifically, Nevada and Placer counties. He spends his free time hiking, gardening, and volunteering for local conservation groups. He is a CA certified Naturalist and Master Gardener.

Several dates will have co-leaders (to be determined).

Other Events of Interest


Books by Redbud Chapter – CNPS

Wildflowers, 2d Ed.

Wildflowers of Nevada and Placer Counties, California 2nd Edition (2017)    $29.95

Member discount if purchased directly from Redbud Chapter

See article “Book on Placer and Nevada County Wildflowers Gets Update,” Auburn Journal, May 30, 2017.


Trees and Shrubs


Trees and Shrubs of Nevada and Placer Counties, California (2014)   $34.95


Member discount if purchased directly from Redbud Chapter




Get more information about Wildflowers or Trees and Shrubs, or
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regional booksellers and other locations selling Wildflowers.


Redbud Member Discounts

Wildflowers of Nevada and Placer Counties:  $25.50
Trees and Shrubs of Nevada and Placer Counties: $29.75

To purchase at the member price, contact:

Julie Becker 530-265-8197, jbecker@infostations.com or
Jeanne Wilson 530-570-8009, treasurer@redbud-cnps.org

Tahoe's Spectacular Wildflower Trails


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      Books by Redbud Members:

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